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Intelligent Process Automation

Enter the Future of Work with Taskbots Technologies. We are your Intelligent Process Automation experts. Using RPA, Machine Learning and AI technologies, we design, develop, and support taskbots that enables process automation at the workplace – front-office, middle-office and back-office processes.

We are a global team of Intelligent Process Automation experts, specialized in developing right-fit solutions using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence platforms. Coupling that with our process excellence and industry vertical experience, we will work with our clients to design an improved process to automate. The result is not only a more efficient process but one that results in overall better customer experience.

Software Bots

Imagine your new workforce. One that acquires new skills in minutes. One that is able to work 24/7 365 days a year, that is able to scale up to handle more. One that generates a higher customer satisfaction, empowers your employees and increases your revenues and profitability.

The future of work. meet your new digital workforce

The augmented workforce, where humans and software bots work seamlessly together to complete business processes. Work is completed more efficiently and effectively with higher accuracy, done faster, is highly scalable and at a lower cost. Managers in the near-future will manage a combination of a human workforce as well as a digital workforce.

Yes you heard it right. As a Manager, you will be managing a Digital Workforce in the not-so-distant future!

Work tasks will be completed either fully or partially by an army of digital workforce also known as software bots. Software bots typically handle high-volume, repetitive, rule-based tasks while their human counterparts (yes that’s the rest of us) handle more creative, higher value tasks. A true win-win outcome.

We describe this as, “Taking the Bot out of Humans.” As humans, we do not excel in nor do we enjoy doing mundane, repetitious tasks involving data entry, uploading data from one system to another, generating reports, processing orders, and many others.

Technology & Business Partners

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Our Services

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    Intelligent Process Automation
    As-A-Service/Project basis

    We implement right-fit IPA solutions that are sustainable in the future as your business grows in scale and complexity. Our business models provide clients with the flexibility to work with us in an As-A-Service or Project basis model.
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    Automation Consulting
    In an extended consulting engagement, we work with our clients to ensure the business case for automation is developed, the proof-of-concept process identified and implemented, the Automation COE framework implemented, the pipeline of automatable processes identified and approved, and the ongoing measurement of success and ROI, is reported to the stakeholders.

    BPO/GBS Organizations: Market Expansion, Acceleration and Industry 4.0 Readiness (Advisory & Implementation Services)
    We Transform & Accelerate Your Business Growth through a comprehensive assessment of your current state business that is facing rapid disruption in the industry. We will next develop and implement an impactful transformative growth plan to enable your organization to stay relevant, innovative and ready to compete for growth in Industry 4.0.
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    Contingent Resources

    We can provide highly skilled RPA and other automation project resources for your projects that are already in-progress or to be managed internally.
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    Automation Training

    Standardization of the Automation Documentation, Design, Build and Support is critical for the ongoing running of an Automation COE/operations. We provide onsite and online options for Process Automation Training. Training on Platforms include Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism & UiPath.
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    Other Automation & Industry Point Solutions

    We provide best-in-class solutions to address specific business and operational needs such as:
    • Identification and quantification of current state of operations – how well is the current process working and what are the specific areas for improvement or standardization?
    • Pre and Post process improvement/automation evaluation
    • Client facing and Internal teams L1 or supplementary support Chatbots
    • Cross-Upselling Chatbots
    • Monitoring and driving team performance – agent level performance nudge personalization
    • Single screen CRM interface (avoiding the need for multiple screen access to complete a transaction)
    • Supply Chain/Warehousing IOT enabled real-time inventory tracking

Taskbots Automation Categories

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    Are versatile and robust enterprise bots which are developed to automate your front-middle, and back offices business processes. Taskbots will complete these repetitive tasks at high-scale, speed and accuracy.
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    Automate mundane, repetitive and time-consuming business processes for quick and efficient completion.
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    Taskbots empower the human workforce to complete tasks with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency, guiding them through specific processes steps.
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    Productivity is enhanced at every step of your business processes by enabling collaboration between your virtual and human workforces.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Increased Capacity, Reduced Cost and Improved Quality.
Download the RPA infographic.

Features & benefits of intelligent process automation

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    Increased efficiency

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    100% precision

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    24/7 productivity

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    enhanced customer experience

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    improved visibility

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    improved time to market

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    industry regulations compliance

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    accelerated digital transformation programmes

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    cost optimization

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    process time acceleration

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    boosted scalability

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    optimized resources

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